Brittany Brook

These real sisters were born and raised in central Montana, beneath the Snowy Mountains, exactly 110 miles from the cities of Billings and Great Falls. Their parents, Rod and Carla, met in a college singing group, New Genesis, and their four kids grew up maintaining the musical tradition. "The Brook Family" was a community staple for weddings, talent shows, and church functions: Dad on guitar, Mom on piano, their older sister Kaleigh on stand-up bass and youngest brother, Taylor, on guitar.


Kendra Jo has been seen fiddling Off-Broadway, in regional theater, and all over NYC with several country and bluegrass bands including The East River Ramblers, and Ben Hope & the Uptown Outfit. 


Singer-songwriter, a folk poet for the city

Brittany loves telling stories through Shakespeare, Musical Theater, and music. She just released her first original folk album, The Way To The Lighthouse, which features her sister as well as The Snowy Mountain Sisters!

Keeping those Montana roots

alive in New York City!


It was through Musical Theater and gigging with bands across the city that Kendra met and collected this group of brassy, classy, and wildly talented women. They played one gig together for the purpose of joining a club, but quickly realized that something special had been formed. A year later, they are gaining fame and infamy in Bluegrass circles.